About The COnference


The CPEEL-ANSOLE conference is an international conference on the theme “Renewable Energy Development in Africa: An Interphase of Technology, Economics and Policy” that seeks to create platform for an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder discourse on the potential, status, challenges and research-based solutions for meeting the challenges facing renewable energy development in Africa.

With emphasis on multidisciplinary perspective to energy discourse, participants and presentations are invited from all energy-related disciplines while presentations on renewable energy will accepted from various disciplines to ensure an holistic discourse at the conference.

Participants are also welcome from non-academics to make presentations on renewable energy developments and projects in any part of Africa. Participants will also come from the government, industry and NGOs is emphasized to foster inter-sectorial collaborations on optimal exploitation and use of Africa’s huge renewable energy resources

This is an initiative of The Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria in conjunction the African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE), Jena, Germany.

The Organisers

cpeel logo The Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), University of Ibadan, is a John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation-funded Centre of Excellence with the main goal of training highly skilled personnel and conducting research on energy

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ansole logoANSOLE based in Germany is a fast growing network of energy researchers, professionals and students with more than 1000 individual members and 6 institutional members working in various disciplines of sustainable energy in 44 African and 30 non-African countries.

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Call for Paper

The broad areas of interests include but not limited to:

  • Renewable Energy and Growth Agenda (Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2063, Paris Climate Change Agreement)
  • Enablers and Barriers to Developing Local Renewable Energy Markets
  • Renewable Energy and Gender
  • Regulatory and Policy Framework for Renewable Energy
  • Innovation in Renewable Energy Technology
  • Capacity building for Renewable Energy Development
  • Renewable Energy for Clean Water
  • Current Theoretical and Experimental Research on Renewable Energy
  • Entrepreunership in Renewable Energy
  • Renewable energy for Sustainable Communities
  • Societal Aspects in the Deployment of Renewable Energy

Paper Submission:

All abstracts (300 words max.) are to be submitted by email to the Scientific Committee via: abstract@redev-africa.org on or before 8th August 2017

Poster Presentation

We welcome students and researchers to present their ongoing research in a Poster Competition. The CPEEL-ANSOLE Conference provides an opportunity of presenting your research-in-progress to an international audience in a visual format.

This competition is open to all students (Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Research Scholars). Posters will be evaluated by the scientific committee. Awards will be given to winners of the competition.


The poster should:

  • not be larger than 1.2m x 1.0m and printed on glossy paper
  • include a title, your full name and the name of your supervisor in the top right-hand corner
  • clearly represent your research, methods, results and conclusions
  • include Pictures or graphs for clear cut representation of your research results if necessary
  • be readable from a distance of 1-2 feet.
  • have the same font and line spacing throughout

Judging Criteria:

Each competitor will be judged on the five judging criteria listed below:

  • Abstract must be well written.
  • Clear demonstration of the hypothesis or goal.
  • Appropriate research design and good choice of methods/techniques used in your research.
  • Analysis and presentation of results and the conclusion.
  • Quality of the poster presentation and knowledge response to the questions from the audience and judges.

Poster Submission:

All abstracts for poster presentation should be sent to poster@redev-africa.org on or before 1st August 2017

Photo Contest

Photos that well portray solutions to African Energy Challenges are invited for CPEEL-ANSOLE Energy photo contest

Photo Specifications:

All photos (jpg or png format) are to be submitted by email to the Contest Committee via: photo@redev-africa.org

Photo Submission:

Abstracts and Photos are to be submitted on or before 8th August 2017

Essay Contest

Interested students of Secondary Schools are invited to participate in the maiden essay competition. Participants are invited to write a letter to the state governor describing a problem in their locality and how renewable energy can be used to solve it.


Maximum of 1000 words, Times New Roman font type, font size 12, double line spacing,

Essay Submission:

All essays are to be submitted by email to the Contest Committee via: essay@redev-africa.org on or before 8th August 2017

Attractive prizes will be awarded to first three winners in each of the categories


Trenchard Hall

University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

5th-7th March, 2018